Does this man really love me? What does he take me for? Is he planning a future with me? How could one get these answers and what are the signs that gives one a YES he is the one!true love

Many of us have ideas about what love should be, it could be imagine and most time we wonder in a day dream of what we actually want from this guy who profess love for me. Surprisingly, all these we get wrong at the end of the day and we seems not to know who the real guy is. Probably, it is because of these great visions of love that have been implanted in our hearts, but it could also be the result of a burn too often in the past and of having remorse when it comes to love again or see love when it comes by.

The real fact about love is that love is delicate. A guy who loves you may not want to say it out but truly loves you. Love, as beautiful as it looks, can also be terrifying, and many of us keep our guard until we are certain that it feels somehow so as not to get hurt. As the saying goes, before you fall in love, make sure there is someone there to clip you. Many has undergone situation which makes them to think if love actually do exist. We hurt and shouldn’t remain at the pity corner, life must and will always for sure continue.  The difficulty with this is that when you are caught trying to figure out if a man truly loves you, you can no longer be present in the relationship. Instead of connecting and exploring, you are stuck in your own worried thoughts, and these thoughts harvest fears and insecurities that eventually prevent you from getting the love you want.

So the question is, how do I know he really loves me? If he doesn’t show these signs, the he is never in love with you.

The way he stares at you.
He will always have this kind of look like you are a unicorn. Like do you really exist? Common, when he makes this known to you, he has more open respect for you. Do not take it that he is lusting after you, not at all. It’s marked by a certain admiration, tranquility, and most especially inner calm. It’s a look set aside only for you. It’s not only the way he admires you; it’s the occurrence. He can’t stand not taking this look at you; whether you’re together, taking a cup of coffee, meet during the lunch hour or go hangout, he always admires your personality all the time cos truly you know he is in love.

He always would want to give to you.
Real love always gives and this is why parents always and will love their kids more than their kids love them.  You will want to counter this point but trust me from birth through our teenage years (and sometimes beyond!) kids always take and parents always does the giving. Every parent will tell you that you never know what love is like till you have a kid of your own because this kind of love come with a greater sacrifice of giving.

When you love a person, you will never withhold from giving the person. This is not all about material possessions. You want to be the best of yourself while giving to the person, you want them happy, to make their life worth living, you just want to see them happy.

Love is far beyond feelings, it’s a verb and always got actions to prove it. The act that shows a man loves you is when he gives you all he got. ll he can.

You are a priority.
We all have busy schedules and other works to do now and then but when a man loves you, you are included into the schedules when he makes you a propriety. He get time to call out and check on you, which clearly indicates that he loves you. Despite all his tight activities daily, he will always want to spend some time with you. When a man loves you, he makes you one of the most important human in his life.

He dips himself in your life.
He wants to be closer than just a friend. He will love to meet your family, your friends and more even and will be happy if the like him. He wish also to impress with a good attitude and wears this charisma with a tip of ego still. He wants to know your hobby, what your passion in life is all about and much more as possible.

At this point, he wants have a deeper understanding of you and be so into you and you to meet his friends and family.

The big deal is this, he includes you in his life plan (future). He doesn’t speak about the future vaguely; instead he makes it clear that he envisions a future with you in it.

He really sees the actual you.
He takes his time to notice you and most time you might not even take note of this. He notices how you interact with others, how people feel talking you, how your mind works, how you process your emotions, how you express yourself. He pays attention to all the little details and he remembers them all. He appreciates the full scope of your entity as per your personality, the silly and mean things you do and the good and bad as well.

He not only loves you but also appreciate your personality. When you love, you have this kind of feeling which people might not really understand but most of our youths don’t know this. They think love makes you feel alright, this is a very fat lie. True love will always take you for who you are, loves you for however way he met you and works on making you a perfect person for himself. Making you feel good has more percentage than the bad feeling and mind you, every solid relationship do shake at times.

When a man loves you, he sees the future you. He sees that kind of woman he wants you to be and will help you to actualize your dreams. When you go wrong, he tells you in a tender manner but do not expect everyman to be so passionate like a woman, most of them has the manly ego and authoritative kind of life and their correction often comes with a shout. When you feel bad about it, makeup than making troubles that he doesn’t love. He will do his best to bring out the best in you. A man who doesn’t tell you your shortcomings is not your ideal man.

He schedules your happiness as one of his priorities.
Your happiness is also part of his. There is this kind of connection between you both and makes him to always want you happy because when you are sad, he is as well sad when he doesn’t know if he is the cause or not. Imagine yourself in your man’s house and sitting moody and yet he goes on playing music and seems to be happy, you will have a rethink if he truly loves you. When you make him understand things that make you feel sad and he keeps doing it then there should be a rethink about your relationship. When you happiness doesn’t give him a concern, dearest you must take the honorable bow. Relationship is meant to be education and enjoying because this is the point you prepare your mind if to settle with this man or not to. So if your happiness isn’t one of his priorities then he is not your dream man.

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